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2012年7月 9日 (月)

Two Young Guests from Mainland

Today we had two young guests on board from Washington State. They are Nom-san's son and daughter. Her son, Charles, is a handsome young man who will be a high school senior in Sept. Her daughter, Rachel, is a pretty young lady. She is going onto a sophomore soon. It is really nice to have young people on the boat. Two teenagers  changed the atmosphere on the boat, and "an old men's fishing club" has suddenly turned into "a young men's (women's) fishing club" today.
Welcome on board, Charles and Rachel !
I hope that this will become a memorable fishing trip for both of you.
In the meantime, this will probably be a non-memorable sleeping trip for Nom-san, I can almost guarantee.

  High Tide: 9:27am
  Low Tide: 2:35pm
  Sunset: 7:06pm
  V.V-Buoy Position: At the north end.

Fishing Report:
今日は男前と別嬪さんのアメリカのHigh School Student 二人(Nomさんの息子さんと娘さん)が乗り込んで来て、何も釣れないうちから船上は活気に溢れていた。いいねぇ~、若いという事は、、、!折角だから何か記憶に残る魚が釣れるといいのだが、、、。

We reached at F-Buoy, taking about 1.5 hours from the harbor. When we arrived, there were about 10 fishing boats at F-Buoy. They were landing (boating) small tuna here and there.  Good !  Tuna were biting.

<アミモンガラ(Spotted oceanic triggerfish)。 Released>

We knew that tuna were under the boat. We tried to catch it by jigging, but tuna did not show any interest in a metal jig. Tuna usually bites on a metal jig rather easily but not today, it seemed. We jigged for some time, but I gave it up. I threw chunks of fish guts and fish flesh onto the water to gather the fish. Soon later I saw some tuna swimming like an arrow under Spotted oceanic triggerfish. I threw in a baited hook. After one Spotted oceanic triggerfish, a tuna came on the bait. Charles took care of this tuna.
<The first tuna in his life. Good job, Charles ! You can be a good fisherman.>

Charles tried jigging with a lot of energy. He hooked the first tuna, but it got away. The second tuna he hooked was probably much bigger than the first one, but it was stolen by a Steno dolphin (my guess). Steno dolphin and White tip shark are two notorious rogues, who steel the fish from fishermen at a FAD (Fish Aggregation Device = buoy).

I do not remember what happened, but there was a nice photo of Rachel holding a tuna.

<Rachel's tuna was slightly larger than Charles' tuna. She does not mind touching a fish and bait at all. She can be a good fisherman (fisherwoman), too.>

I hooked a tuna, but it was taken by a Steno dolphin.
<The body of this tuna was ripped off by a Steno dolphin. Steno dolphin typically leaves a tuna head and stomach. I have an experience in which four tuna were stolen within half an hour exactly like this before. Steno dolphin has good eyesight and never gets hooked.>

<Rachel is holding another tuna. This tuna will become delicious Sushi's at Shimaichi.>

Ys-san caught a tuna by dropping a bait down to 200 feet.
<Today was not a day for jigging. Ys-san caught  3  tuna like this by bait-fishing.>

Finally I caught one by jigging.
<The biggest one today was caught on a metal jig.>

We caught 6 tuna all together and lost 4-5.

We finished tuna fishing and moved to the spots for bottom-fishing. The first spot we stopped was a Ehu point off Red Hill. Ys-san caught two Ehu.
<Ehu (Ruby snapper). Very good white meat fish for Sushi.>

<Elegant eel and Hawaiian deep anthias from the depth of 450 feet. What a strange combination !> <外道ハンター健在なり>

<We caught 4 Kalekale (Von siebold's snapper) like this.>


We wanted to catch Opakapaka (Pink snapper) but unfortunately couldn't.

On our way back to the harbor, Skipjack hit the Kinkin (King Buster lure).
<We needed this Skipjack (Aku = Katsuo) for Tataki (seared Skipjack).>

Right before the entrance to the harbor near Kaiwi Point, a fish came on a big lure. It was probably a big (30-40 pound) Ono (Wahoo). The lure had a 6-foot wire leader. I do not know how it happened, but 200-pound nyron leader, which was 6-feet apart from the lure,  was torn off. Of course the wire and lure were gone. I really wanted to show a big fish to Charles and Rachel. Too bad, maybe next time !

I hope that both of you enjoyed fishing and sleeping on the boat.


Fishing Report用メモ:
Ahi: 6匹 35ポンド
Aku: 1匹 4ポンド
Ehu: 2匹 2.2ポンド
Kale: 4匹 5ポンド
Anthias: 1匹 0.4ポンド
Moray eel: 1匹 リリース


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