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2012年4月21日 (土)

My former colleague

In  2007, I was still working in Detroit, being  responsible for the sales of XXX in North/South America. On one cold December morning, a tall and sturdy athletic-looking young man, Mr.Avd (hereafter called Ar-san), showed up for a job interview. According to his resume, he graduated from a university in Michigan with an engineering degree.
At the very beginning of the interview, I remember that I asked him,
"Are you related to Jean-Claude Van Damme ?"
Of course, Jean-Claude Van Damme is that famous Hollywood action movie star. He instantly replied with a big smile,
"Yes, I am. He is my uncle."
I kinda believed it because he looked exactly like Jean-Claude Van Damme. Someone may have strong objections on this comment of mine?  Of course, it was a bullsxxt  joke.  I think I also asked him something like,
"If you take this sales job, you are throwing away your bright future as an engineer. Are you sure it is all right?"
He said without hesitation.
"Yes, I am. It will be my strength."
He was right. The sales people with engineering background are now playing major roles in our sales organization. After chatting a while, all of four (maybe three ?) interviewers liked him very much. A counterfeit nephew of the Hollywood movie star started working in our office soon.
In 2009,  we opened a new sale office in Atlanta. Atlanta was becoming strategically important for our future business growth. He agreed to relocate to Atlanta from his hometown, Detroit. It seems that he is now very happy working in Atlanta Office and that his bosses trust him very much. I am quite happy about that. When he moved to Atlanta, I thought that he was going to play golf a lot. However, it seems that his golf skills have not improved much. That's too bad, but it may mean that he has been too busy working. Ata boy ! , , , , , maybe.

Anyway, he is in Maui this week with his family for vacation, and this morning he flew to Kona to see me. It was an one-day trip to Kona. There are many things to do in Big Island, but we decided to go fishing on my boat. At around 1:00 pm, my boat left Honokohau Harbor and headed south. The sea was unusually rough. We trolled to Keauhou Bay without any bite. Off Keauhou Bay, we dropped baits for bottom-fishing. Something nibbled the baits, and I caught a colorful small fish which is quite popular in this area.
<Redtail triggerfish. A notorious bait-stealer.  Edible but I have never tried to eat it>

Here we usually catch delicious bottom-fish like Pink snapper (Opakapaka), Von siebold's snapper (Kalekale), etc, etc. But it seemed that all good fishes were taking siesta. I was hoping that Ar-san would catch an 20-40 pound Amberjack (Kahala). But no bite, and  the sea was getting even rougher.
Then suddenly there was an annouce from our captain (my wife drives the boat).
"There is a big fish school showing on the fish-finder screen. They are scattered in the depth between 200 - 300 feet. Wind up the baits to that depth."
So we both turned the motors (electric reels) on. As soon as Ar-san's baits reached the said depth, the tip of his fishing rod plunged into water.
Fish on !"
I shouted.
It started taking the line from the reel. After watching the speed and strength of the fish's pull, I declared;
It is Tuna !"
This is the moment of supreme excitement. Ar-san took the fishing rod in his hands.
<The fish was not so big that he still had a room to smile during the fight. He hand-pulled it up to the boat without using the electric motor. If the fish is large, it can easily wear him out.>

The fish swam around, and its fishing line got tangled with another line. I was afraid that the fish might get away, but fortunately we were able to successfully boat it.
<Yellowfin tuna. Weighed at 14 pound. Good job, buddy !  Ar-san said "
Let's make it 25 pounds so that it sounds better." I said "No, a real fisherman must be honest except when we talk abou a got-away-fish . We can inflate the size of fish when we lose it ????">

<Wherever you go, the fishermen's mentalities are all same.>

This tuna caught by Ar-san went directly to Sushi Restaurant, Sima-ichi, in downtown Kona. It will be served as Sushi or Sashimi tomorrow.

We caught a couple of junk (?) fishes which we released.
<Bluestripe snapper. It is edible, but ............. released >

<Spotted unicornfish. Powerful gamefish, but we do not eat it. When we are bottomfishing, we catch this fish almost everytime without fail. I call it "
a tax of bottomfishing".>

The sea gradually got rougher, and Ar-san suddenly became quiet. Nnnnnn , , , , , , , , , ? ? ? What is happening??? Before we left the harbor, he said that he would never get seasick. He also said " t
he higher the waves are, the better I can feel. I will be ok even if it is like a jet-coaster." It was not like a jet-coaster yet, but it was apparent that he was feeling uncomfortable.  We decided to head back to the harbor.

As soon as we reached the harbor, he jumped back onto the pier and , , , , . . . .
Groggy ! He was probably saying, "Thank God, it is nice to be on land !"  But he never said he would not go fishing again. I liked that. He happily spent several (? ? ?) hours on the pier (joke). >

Ar-san, please come again. Let's experience the real jet-coaster next time ! ! !

Ar-san caught a nice Yellowfin tuna before you without your permission. Maybe
no bonus for him this year ? ? ? ? ?


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Wow! Good job, AVD!


投稿: デトロイト支部 - KH | 2012年4月22日 (日) 15時41分


Timのスティールヘッド用タックルは、小生がまだミシガンにいたら大いに参考にして、Flat Rockあたりでやっているかも?ハワイにも独特の仕掛けがあります。理にかなっていて先人の知恵がうかがわれます。

投稿: A-Jack | 2012年4月22日 (日) 17時54分





投稿: デトロイト支部 | 2012年4月24日 (火) 14時05分

ついでにPermitも釣って「Shallow Grand Slam」をやってくるといいよ。ちょっと時間不足かもね?ブログ楽しみにしています。

投稿: A-Jack | 2012年4月25日 (水) 19時19分


投稿: 釣道落人ボラボラ | 2012年4月26日 (木) 14時16分

いらっしゃい。今日(28日・土曜日)コナ着なのでしょうね?今回は「女釣り師」も一緒ですか?また洋上でもお会いしましょう。我々は月曜日、海の状況が許せば朝一でOT-Buoyへ行き、マグロ(多分10ポンド以下の小型でしょう)を3~4匹釣ってからグラウンドに引き返して白身魚釣り、という事になると思います。残念ながら最近のグラウンドでのマグロやカツオは全く不調です。そろそろ戻って来てもいいのですが。因みにV.V-Buoyは昨日から最北端に戻っているので、多少グラウンドでの望みはあるのかもしれません。See you soon!

投稿: A-Jack | 2012年4月28日 (土) 04時18分


投稿: 釣道落人borabora | 2012年5月 6日 (日) 14時14分


投稿: A-Jack | 2012年5月 8日 (火) 18時23分



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